Sunday, July 31, 2016

Video Game Update July 2016

I mentioned like 2 months ago that I'd be playing Overwatch and Battleborn this year, which is odd for me mostly in that I don't usually play the new shinies.  Well, the short version is that Overwatch runs better than Battleborn, has shorter rounds, and has shorter queues, and I've only got so much time in my day, so it's been winning out for me. 
As for other games, I did recently scratch my FTL itch a few times, and I still keep up on Hearthstone and the Sentinels of the Multiverse weekly one-shot, but that's pretty much it for now. 
Yay boring updates! 

Sudden Short Story 112

"I object to these proceedings," declared, of all people, the ambassador from the United States of America. 
Since nothing had yet been said, everyone was understandably stunned into silence. 
"On what grounds?" asked the acting chairman, after regaining his composure. 
"As you are aware," said the ambassador, "it was agreed by all last year that no representative of the Agent of Chaos would be permitted here, and yet one sits here as an observer as we speak," gesturing toward an ambassador across the room." 
"Mr. Ambassador, on what grounds do you accuse the ambassador from the Holy See of representing the Agent of Chaos?" 
"Mr. Chairman, you and everyone else in this chamber are fully aware that, last week, the Agent of Chaos and his army slew the pope and his cardinals and made off with the Holy See.  There is no reason to think that he is not, at this moment, the occupant of the aforementioned throne, and thus that the former agents of the pope are either his agents or no longer have legitimate authority from the Holy See." 
The rest of the session did not exactly go well from there. 

Sudden Short Story 111

As he walked across the wind-swept city, he marveled at the architecture and wondered about the people who once lived there.  He needed to return to his ship, he thought. 
He felt a presence far behind him, and he dared not turn around.  If he did, then she would ask whether he'd ever forgotten her over the centuries.  He wasn't sure that he hadn't.  And so, he kept walking across the barren planet, unsure whether he could ever bring himself to return to Earth.