Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sudden Short Story 114

"Well, this is a unique sight," he said to her, as the oldest man alive entered the zone.  "It's Old Blue-Sclera!  To what do we owe the presence?" he asked of the old man.  For all of the youth-preserving and longevity technology, somewhere in the mix, human sclera ended up changing from white, to yellow, to green with age, though they almost always remained white for the first 200 years.  In this way, they were a rough gauge of age when all else failed, though age could usually be found via a meeting of the minds, anyway. 
"You know," the old man - who looked to be the same age as anyone else - said, "what strikes most people as odd is my existence, but what strikes me as odd is my uniqueness.  Tell me, do you think that yours will ever become green?" 
"Oh, I doubt that," replied the woman in her partner's place, "I can feel him getting bored with life as the weeks go by.  He probably won't last another thirty years." 
"As always, I wish that I could help," replied the old man, "but I never did know why I was different."  With that, he took his leave to go across the way, meeting with a woman who was only 185 years old. 

Webcomic Catch-Up Update: February 2017

I have done 0 webcomic reading this month.  February kind of flew by.  Also, Legostar Galactica is the next one on my catch-up list, and it's been posting 7 days per week for the last 4 years, so that's a lot of reading to do.  Thankfully, though, tomorrow is Wednesday, and I'm considering making Wednesdays be Webcomic Wednesdays for now, as a way to hasten my catching-up.  We'll see how it goes tomorrow. 

Video Game Update February 2017

Well, I totally forgot about Civilization V this month.  It's weird, because I even said that exact same thing at the end of last month.  Oh, well.  Also, while I didn't really touch Minecraft all of this month, but I did add the Twilight Forest mod to my world, since there's a version of it for the version of Minecraft that I've been using for Thaumcraft.  I'm hoping to play enough to make a full Minecraft post in March. 
Otherwise, I've just spent the occasional evening time playing Overwatch, Hearthstone, or Heroes of the Storm.