Saturday, May 31, 2014

Preliminary Review: Fate Core

I've finally been working my way through the Fate Core rulebook. 
My first exposure to Fate was in 3rd edition, with Spirit of the Century, which introduced it.  I spent a fair amount of time trying to understand the rules, but whenever I thought that I had it, I would stumble across a rule that I'd forgotten. 
The Fate Core System book has, so far, remedied many of SotC's issues in two main ways.  Firstly, as a separate core system book - with settings available in supplements - the book itself can be organized into chapters that are actually about the rules.  This should make it much simpler to get refreshers on how things work, and it should also make it much more common to re-see things, even if I wasn't looking for them, because they're in appropriate sections.  Also a plus:  Whoever did layout does seem to have done his best to make sure that each section is in whole-page increments - 1 page or 2 facing pages when possible. 
The second, and probably larger, way in which things have been improved relates to Fate Core itself.  For starters, reducing the default aspects to 5 per PC should make it easier for players and GMs alike:  Even in Spirit of the Century, it seemed like 2 childhood aspects and 2 Great War aspects was excessive, and the list could have easily been trimmed to a more manageable 8.  I also don't have to remember that the limit on the bidding war for a Compel is 3:  Now, the PC can just buy off the compel at 1, done-and-done.  Reducing the number of Stunts to 3 should also make things easier to track, and I'm fairly certain that starting the Refresh Rate to 3 will get the Fate Points flowing much better than they might have before. 
I also heartily approve of breaking skill uses down into 4 types (not all of which apply to every skill - specifically, most can't be used to Attack), and the various conflicts dice-roll events seem much easier to understand. 
I haven't finished the read yet, but I have the feeling that, when I'm done, I won't have much left to double-check.  All in all, I'd say that this is a good system. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

RPG Hope

I've got good news, everyone! 
I've got two possibilities for two opportunities for RPGs to happen.  These are still prospective-maybes, but that's better than I've had in a long time.  One's for Dungeon World, which I highly recommend for narrative style heroic fantasy, and the other's probably going to be for Fate Core. 
In one case, I'd be running the game, and in the other case, I'd probably be running the game, which is less than ideal, but it's better than nothing.  Also, Dungeon World looks like it's not hard to GM, and kind of makes between-session work fun, since it's similarly narrative-based. 
I'm also still looking for a chance to play certain other games, like Becoming, but I'll be seeing how this other stuff plays out, first. 
So, yeah, good news for me, eh? 

I've Been Playing some Minecraft

Just as an update as to what I've been doing (and why I've been so late to post this particular month), I've been playing some Minecraft, after a long period of playing little to no Minecraft.  I'm finally getting back into it after playing so much Pokémon X.  I think that I'm playing less Pokémon X than I otherwise would, because I was rushed, because I needed to get ahead of the spoilers.  So, even though I'm planning to beat the Elite Four with a few more teams, that game's kind of shelved, for now, while I work on everything else. 
I'll go into more detail on my Minecraft blog, but I have added a few mods, and removed one. 
Also, playing Minecraft has allowed me to catch up on at least one podcast, so there's that.