Saturday, October 27, 2012

SolLock's Log: Day 1

This morning, Professor Elm asked me to retrieve a pokémon egg from a man named Mr. Pokémon, who lives in a sequestered house on Route 30.  For my journey, he gave me my first pokémon.  I actually had my choice of three, and I took for myself a Cyndaquil, knowing that Fire-type pokémon are not exactly commonplace.  As he was my first, I named him Arsonist - the fire starter.  
Prof. Elm's assistant was also kind enough to give me some Potions for my journey.  
My course took me through Cherrygrove City, where I stopped at the PokéMart and purchased two Parlyz Heals and six Antidotes - though not before being given a whirlwind tour by a man who gave me a set of running shoes for my troubles.  I cannot be too careful in this.  I came across a house that I thought might belong to Mr. Pokémon, but instead belonged to another man, who gave me a case in which to keep the apricorns that seem to grow here and there outside of New Bark Town.  He also gave me directions to Mr. Pokémon's house.  
When I finally arrived at my destination, I met not only Mr. Pokémon, but also Professor Oak himself, who gave me a PokéDex to fill.  Once I got the egg from Mr. Pokémon, I made my way - carefully, again - back to Cherrygrove on my way back to New Bark Town.  Just as I was leaving, though, I was accosted by a trainer who battled me with a Totodile.  I had Arsonist use Tackle to size it up, then the appropriate amount of Leer followed by Tackle.  As he ran off in defeat, he dropped his Trainer Card.  He came back for it, but not before I glimpsed the name "Hobbes" upon it.  This, it would turn out, was not insignificant.  Arsonist was a bit scratched up, at this point, but the Cherrygrove Pokémon Center was fortunately nearby.  
I was able to jump down a few slopes to get back to New Bark Town safely.  When I went to deliver the egg to Prof. Elm, though, I found the lab a mess, and some excuse for a police officer was there, interviewing the professor.  It turns out that someone had broken into the lab and stolen the professor's Totodile.  Lyra had seen a suspicious-looking boy lurking outside earlier, and her description of him matched that of the trainer that I had battled.  I reported what I knew to the police officer, though I doubt that he'll catch Hobbes, especially at the rate that he was fleeing from New Bark Town.  
As I left New Bark Town once more, Lyra stopped me and demonstrated how to catch a pokémon.  Then, she bequeathed some PokéBalls unto me, which was fortunate, for I found that I was unable to avoid the wild pokémon any longer.  I ran into a wild Sentret, which I caught.  I named her Watchman.  After stopping at Cherrygrove for more supplies, I continued to Route 30, where I encountered a Weedle, which I also caught.  I named her Sting.  Finding myself taking care of three pokémon, I decided to spend the rest of the day training them in the grasses outside of Cherrygrove.  This was in easy reach of a Pokémon Center, which was good, because we've had a couple of poison scares - though I do have my Antidotes, if it gets really bad.  
I also battled two Youngsters that I'd seen battling earlier on Route 30:  Joey and Mikey.  Joey even exchanged phone numbers with me, hoping to train together later.  
The training is paying off, too:  Arsonist learned Smokescreen, Watchman learned Defense Curl, and Sting evolved into a Kakuna, whereupon she learned Harden.  

SolLock's Log: Day 0

I cannot know under what circumstance you will find this journal.  Perhaps I have entrusted you to read it.  Perhaps I am dead.  Perhaps I have simply lost it.  Whatever the case may be, I find it important to keep a record of my travels, as I embark on my own pokémon journey.  
To understand what you are about to read, though, you must understand something about me.  I suffer from a rare curse, which itself has two components:  I can only catch the first pokémon that I encounter in an area, and my pokémon do not faint.  
That I can only catch the first pokémon that I encounter in an area sounds far-fetched, I'm sure, but exhaustive research on my part has shown this to apply to anyone else who has had this curse, at least as well as anecdotal accounts can be trusted.  I'm not about to press my luck on this one, though, which is just as well, as it will prevent me from overextending the second part of my curse.  
My pokémon do not faint:  They die.  

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Spice Chex Mix

So, after a bit of mad experimentation, I've invented a new Chex Mix recipe.
Here's how to make a half batch:
1.  Mix 1.5 cups each of Corn Chex, Rice Chex, and Wheat Chex, 1 cup of pretzel sticks, and 1 cup of walnuts in a large, microwave-safe bowl.
2.  Mix half a stick of butter, 1 teaspoon each of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice, and 1.5 teaspoons of brown sugar in a normal-sized, microwave-safe bowl.
3.  Microwave until the butter is completely melted, stirring every 10 to 15 seconds.
4.  Mix the sauce into the dry ingredients.  This part can be challenging, especially as the spices want to settle to the bottom of the bowl.  The best way that I've found is to take the stirring tool that was used for the sauce and get a bit onto it, scraping the bottom to get the spices, and then stir that into the dry mix.  This method is slower, but has the added benefit of allowing you to get sauce on every piece.
5.  Microwave for about 4 minutes (but use your judgement, based on your microwave - ours is pretty intense), stirring every minute in the first (roughly) half, and every 30 seconds in the second (roughly) half.  Mostly, just get the center moved to the outside and the bottom moved to the top, to even out heating and prevent burning.
6.  Spread the result out onto aluminum foil to cool.
That's it, really.  The spices essentially emulate pumpkin pie spice, and the brown sugar helps to bring out the taste.  I was going for an autumn taste, and I think that I got it.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nuzlocke: Soul Silver

I recently (several weeks ago) learned of something called The Nuzlocke Challenge.  As you can see at the link, there are just 2 rules:  Only attempt to catch the first pokémon in an area, and any feinted pokémon is dead.
I am going to attempt this challenge with my heretofore unopened Soul Silver edition of Pokémon.  I'll make a few tweaks, though:
1.  Instead of releasing a feinted pokémon, I'll have a PC box labelled "RIP", which will act as a cemetery.  Let me never forget my fallen friends.
2.  I'll try to catch legendaries for the challenge, but I'll never use them.  That works both ways:  Even if a legend is the 1st pokémon that I encounter on a route (likely via judicious use of Repel), it just "doesn't count" for me.
3.  This is more of a clarification, but it's assumed that gift pokémon don't count against any area limit, especially as some are no-choice gifts, anyway.
4.  Another clarification:  I'll assume that each PokéWalker route is an area unto itself, and thus that only the 1st poké radar encounter counts.
5.  Though it's not actually in the rules, I'm taking a tentative pass on breeding, more in keeping with the spirit of the challenge than the letter.
Though I started Heart Gold with Cyndaquil, I'll also be starting Soul Silver with Cyndaquil, owing the the comparative rarity of fire-type pokémon.  I'll post here with occasional updates.