Friday, November 23, 2012

SolLock's Log: Day 5

I started the day by going to all of the Apricorn trees that I know, training Sting up along the way.  After that, it was back to Route 32, where, much to my delight, Sting evolved into a Beedrill.  She also learned Fury Attack.  My other pokémon have been training well, too, though the wild Mareep have been very frustrating - their Static keeps paralyzing my pokémon.  Pitcher learned Wrap, significantly expanding his repertoire, and Scrounger learned Bite, which is better than Tackle in so many ways.
Then, Wade called me, saying that he'd found some berries, which he wanted to share.  When I returned to him, he gave me a Pecha Berry, which was nice.
Feeling that my pokémon were up to the task, I decided to enter Falkner's gym.  On the floor proper was this odd platform which, when triggered, hurled me upwards at incredible speed.  At the top, I saw a zigzag of wooden platforms, leading past two trainers and on to Falkner.  Additionally, though, there were glass platforms on either side of this, which connected back into the wooden ones at later intervals.  I saw that I could go straight to Falkner this way, but I decided that it would be better to size up his minions, first.
His first trainer, Abe, had only a Spearow, which Watchman defeated without even a scratch.  The second trainer, Rod, was another matter.  Rather than wasting time with Growl and Leer, he started by having his Pidgey size up my Sentret with a Tackle.  Watchman was able to defeat it quite handily, though, despite a Sand-Attack.  For his second Pidgey, I sent out Scrounger, who again won with no trouble.

Feeling confident, I switched the undamaged Scrounger to the front of the party, and challenged Falkner.  Scrounger finished off Falkner's Pidgey without much trouble, but when he sent out Pidgeotto, I felt that I should play it safe, sending out Arsonist, my most powerful pokémon.  Seeking to end the battle quickly, and hoping to burn the foe, I had Arsonist use Ember.  Pidgeotto's aggression was strong, though, and I quickly found myself resorting to a potion, during which time Pidgeotto used Roost to heal itself.  The next Ember, though, burned the Pidgeotto, for which I was glad.  Pidgeotto tried to rest its way to full health, at which point I knew that Falkner was fighting a losing battle.  Still, I had to use another potion.  Arsonist must live.  The protracted battle went like that for some time, but I knew that a critical hit from Pidgeotto could spell the ultimate end for Arsonist if I let his wounds go untreated for too long.
Finally, when the Pidgeotto was weak, I thought that Arsonist could finish it with his Quick Attack.  When the Pidgeotto remained conscious, I feared for the worst, for Arsonist was heavily injured again.  Its attack did but little damage, though, and it finally succumbed to its Burn.
I was only relieved that my pokémon had survived the battle, but then, something wonderful happened:  Arsonist evolved into a Quilava!  I ended the day a few potions poorer and one badge richer, but, most importantly, I haven't lost anyone yet.

As it happens, when I left the gym, I got a call from Professor Elm.  He wanted me to carry that Egg from the other day, and sent his assistant to the PokéMart in Violet City.  I obliged him, and popped next door to the Mart, where his assistant gave me, telling me that a pokémon would hatch from it if I kept it with me.  I also stocked up on potions while there.  Upon leaving the PokéMart, though, I was suddenly accosted by a strange woman, who told me to take care of the Egg.  It was very random.
As one last matter to settle for the night, I checked to see if that guy was still blocking off route 32.  He was there, but he just gave me a Miracle Seed and let me pass.  Instead, though, I returned to Violet City, to give my pokémon a well-earned rest.  (I gave the Miracle Seed to Pitcher.)

[Note:  This entry corresponds to November 23rd, 2012.]

SolLock's Log: Day 4

Today, I let my pokémon take a break from training to just relax, while I observed them from under the shade of a tree.  Sting attached herself to the tree early on.  Scrounger and Arsonist took to playfully wrestling with one another, while Pitcher found a sunny spot near a puddle to spend most of the morning.  Watchman stood on her tail near Pitcher, at first, but later moved as she seemed to take an interest in what the other rodents were doing.
I was looking at Sting, watching for signs of movement, when Watchman ran by me, followed by Scrounger and Arsonist.  They gave me quite a start!
Eventually, the sun moved so far that Pitcher had to take up a new position to keep sunning.
When evening came, my rodents were fairly eager to return to their pokéballs, having worn themselves out all day.  Pitcher wasn't quite as eager, but became more willing as sunny spots grew scarce under the setting sun.  I kept Sting out, but she stayed in the tree as long as she could.  I think that she might be getting ready to evolve again; I've heard that Bug pokémon with cocoon forms tend to have those short-lived.
Tomorrow is another training day.  If I'm feeling confident in my pokémon, then I may challenge the gym leader in the evening.

[NOTE:  This entry does not correspond to an actual play day.]

Sunday, November 11, 2012

SolLock's Log: Day 3

A began the day with a brief walk to the yellow Apricorn tree in the south of Violet City.  Another one was ripe, so I picked it.  Then, I went to Sprout Tower to train against the monks there.  Scrounger needed the most, being the newest, so I kept him out of his pokéball.  He was able to defeat Sage Nico by himself, but needed a rest after that.
On our return, we started encountering wild pokémon - specifically, Rattata, as the ghosts don't come out until night.  My journey through the tower was also frustrated by its unusual layout:  I would go up a ladder only to descend another ladder, reaching another area of the same floor that seems to be otherwise disconnected.  It was easy enough to figure out, though, as there were very few options actually left to me as to where to go.  That is, despite its odd layout, the journey up Sprout Tower is essentially linear.
Scrounger learned Focus Energy during a battle with Sage Chow, which may well come in handy, though these trainers seem to use Bellsprout exclusively.  I should also note here something that I realized while fighting Sage Edmond, which is that any one of their Bellsprout is weaker than any one of the wild Rattata here, which may go far in explaining why the Rattata are so prevalent.
This, of course, was less true of the monks in the very top of the tower, whose Bellsprout were about the Rattatas' equal, though also fewer in number.  My little Arsonist dispatched most of them with ease.  To my surprise, though, Sage Troy actually had a Hoothoot in addition to his Bellsprout.  I retreated to the pokémon center after that, though, as I could not guarantee my pokémon's safety against a stronger opponent without it.
On my return, I sought out the Elder, but, when I passed the central pillar - which, legend has it, was crafted from the stalk of an enormous Bellsprout - I found him already in conversation with Hobbes.  He gave him a Technical Machine, apparently having already lost to him, but warned him to care more for his pokémon.  Of course, had he known, he would have been using the possessive rather loosely.  Hobbes even said himself that he only cares about strong pokémon for winning battles.  Before I could confront him, though, he escaped with a rope that he had apparently lain in advance.
Elder Li was quite a challenge, indeed.  Sting, having already been worn out on the way up against a wild Rattata, was safe in her pokéball as I kept Pitcher out.  I switched to Arsonist to handle his Bellsprout.  When he sent out Hoothoot, I chose Scrounger, but his Hoothoot was quite strong indeed.  Between him and Watchman, I almost lost one of them.  Fortunately, both survived, and Watchman is even tougher than before.  Not wanting to take any chances against his final pokémon, I used Arsonist to finish his Bellsprout in one go.  Arsonist even learned Quick Attack.  I'm so proud.  :  )
Elder Li said that I should be able to take on Falkner, but my battles against him and his apprentice taught me that I am not at all ready to take on a gym of Flying types.  Even at full health, I would never dare send Pitcher or Sting out against a bird.  Having nothing with an advantage, nor even a resistance, I'm going to have to train my rodents thoroughly.
I ended the day with some light training:  I traveled back along my previous routes, collecting the black, pink, and green Apricorns that could be found along the way.  This meant fighting some wild pokémon, which provided some battle experience for my own.

[NOTE:  This day corresponds to Sunday, November 11th, 2012.]

Saturday, November 10, 2012

SolLock's Log: Day 2

Last night, after writing in my journal, I traveled northward to camp out in front of Route 31.  A trainer with two Caterpie challenged me to a battle, which I won.  I awoke early, hoping to find a Ledyba, but I instead found and caught a Bellsprout, whom I named Pitcher.  I found another apricorn tree, this one producing black fruit.
A Bug Catcher named Wade fought me.  He was, at least, more varied than the one from last night:  In addition to three Caterpie, he had a Weedle.  After the match, he said that he would call me if he found any useful items, as he sometimes does, so we exchanged phone numbers.
I made my way into Violet City - interrupted by Lyra, who gave me a Vs Recorder - and proceeded to explore.  In the south of the city, I found another apricorn tree, this one producing yellow fruit.  I also met a man who seemed eager to teach people about status conditions, and I met someone in the southeast who wants to trade his Onix for a Bellsprout.  I'll keep that in mind for later.
I first headed west, to Route 36.  There was little going on there.  Apparently, it is normally busier, but a strange tree is blocking the path.  I approached the tree myself, noting how hard it was to the touch, but, more surprisingly, it seemed to move in reaction to that.
I decided to journey through the Ruins of Alph, which have their north entrance on Route 36.  There were some scientists at the research facility, but I avoided the ruins themselves for the time being.  The east entrance of the ruins leads back to Route 32, which connects to Violet City on its southern side.  I heard that there were wild Ekans there, so I tried my luck, but found instead another Bellsprout.  I named her Vine.
I heard that the rare Ghost-type pokémon come out of Sprout Tower at night, so I waited until nightfall before entering, doing some slight training.  Pitcher learned Growth, which I'm sure will come in handy; she previously knew only Vine Whip.
When night fell, I entered Sprout Tower, hoping to find a ghost, but instead finding one of the Rattata that run around in its walls.  It was very close - Sting had poisoned him with her Poison Sting, so I had to quickly use an Antidote to not lose him.  I named him "Scrounger".  After treating them at the pokémon center, I decided to call it a night.
Note:  I stored Vine in the PC, since I already have Pitcher.

[NOTE:  Despite the date of this posting, day 2 actually corresponds to Saturday, October 20th, 2012, if memory serves.]