Monday, October 31, 2011

Sudden Short Story 21

"I notice in your speech that you continue to separate yourself from us, even after all this time.  Would you like to explain that a little?"
"Well, it's pretty hard to feel integrated given that I never have been, you know.  At first, I was shunned and scorned, and even when I was... 'accepted,' it was not so much acceptance as it was curiosity.  And, after that, there came celebrity, which constantly reminds me that I am different.  At all stages, the way that I was treated by the general public was due to my being different from anyone else.  Still, there are other factors.  Beyond the distinction and the physical differences, we think differently, too."
"Could you elaborate on that a little?"
"It's hard to describe to either party's satisfaction, since we're dealing with how we fundamentally understand things.  Perhaps if I can think of an example...."
"Please, take your time."
"Yes, well, I am the one with time to spare.  Oh, here's a good one.  Most of you worship some sort of god or gods, and that almost always includes a sort of creator-god.  What's more, not only do you praise your creator gods, but you frequently wish to become like them.  Perhaps it is because I had the rare privilege of knowing my creator, but I have no desire to be like him in any ways other than those that I would consider good regardless.  And, mind you, I bear no grudge against the late doctor.  I think that he was a fine man, if a bit misguided in some ways.
"Still, it's strange to hear people talking of wanting to emulate what they perceive to be their creators - either creating the original humans or creating the world which spawned them - and, when it comes right down to it, finding out that it's because these gods allegedly created them.  To me, that's no reason to worship or obey or emulate anyone.  Does my point come across?"
"I think that it does, at least as well as it can at this length and in this circumstance."
"Yes, this is probably better suited to my writings, where I can order my thoughts and present them clearly.  I wonder if they would be disappointed."
"Well, imagine if some theists did meet their creator, but he was like mine, frail and mortal.  How would they feel if they met their Dr. Frankenstein?"

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