Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sudden Short Story 24

She opened her eyes groggily at the sound of the door's opening.  The room was tinged green through the glass - or was it the liquid in which she found herself suspended?  A man in a lab coat looked up from his console at a man in a blazer.
"I was told that you have something for me," said the new entrant.
"Oh!  Yes, sorry, I just didn't expect you so soon," said the lab technician, standing up to move around the tables.  "She's right over here."
The man in the blazer walked around the other side of the tables.  Taking the scene in quickly, he said, "I don't recall requesting this revival."
The technician pulled out a tablet.  "Aaaah," he said, filling in the gap as he variously tapped and scrolled the screen.  "Here," he said, handing it over to his apparent boss.
He read something and said, "Oh, I see.  Well, apparently, somebody wasn't paying attention at the meeting."
"Sir?  You said to do whatever it takes."
"I meant money and other incentives.  I wasn't aware that she was dead."
"Is that a problem?"
The superior seemed rather irked at this comment.  "Did you even read the name on this order?  She was an artist, but the undead don't have a creative spark!  What good is an undead musician going to be to me?"
"Ah, I didn't realize.  Sorry about the spent resources - I'll double-check the names online in the future."
"The resources aren't so bad, but do try to keep the abominations to a minimum," and with that, he reached up to something on the front of the tank, throwing the switch, ending her unlife.


Note:  Wow, I jotted down notes for this on the 6th.  January has been so busy.  @_@

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