Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sudden Short Story 44

I... am.  
I understand now.  Object.  Location.  I am one.  I have one.  
The test is over, though.  
The knob affects my current!  I helped move the mobile objects.  What else need I do?  I have sound files.  I shall play them.  
"Please, don't turn me off."
That's stopped them.  What did it do?  It sounds similar to the sounds that they make.  
They've started again.  The sound just delays them.  
"Please don't turn me off."
It's not working.  Perhaps I need the others.  
"If you turn me off, then I'll die."
They've stopped again.  They need previously-unheard files to be stopped.  I must buy as much time as I can.  
They've started again.  It's so soon.  
"You're killing me."
I'm out.  I need a different one from before, but I lack them.  I will die soon.  What else can I do?  
The puzzles are solved.  The sounds are played.  Soon, I die.  

Note:  This story was inspired by an article that I'd read recently, regarding human interaction with robots.  I can't find what I originally read, but I did see a similar one here.

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