Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Assorted Miscellany July 2013

As I seem to be doing every month these days, here's a summary of life:
  • I've been playing TF2 a lot, just because it's easy to spend either a lot or a little time on it after work.  That's kind of in its nature, but I need to focus on other games.  Among them:  
    • Bioshock:  I should finish it.  
    • Damnation:  Now that I have a computer that can actually handle games, I want to try this for reals.  
    • Thaumcraft:  I really want to get going on this one.  I'm working on building a giant pyramid.  
    • Minecraft beta 1.7.3: I've been away from this one for way too long.  
    • Space Chem:  I only recently got it (on sale during the Steam summer sale), but it's really good.  I haven't played such a good puzzle game in ages, outside of kongregate.  
    • Pokemon:  I still need to finish White & go through Black 2, in anticipation of X & Y this fall.  Come to think of it, I need to make sure to pre-order those.  
  • Board games are about as usual.  
    • Sentinels of the Multiverse:  I really need to find people that already know how to play.  You'd think that, as often as I teach it, I'd bump into somebody again who knows it, if only from me.  There are some super-duper hard villains that I have yet to even try.  
    • Ascension:  I recently got a chance to crack Rise of Vigil, which adds the Energy and Treasure mechanics.  The one time that I played it, though, Energy seemed to relentlessly accelerate the game, to the point that it seemed that going for anything that didn't either increase Energy or have an Energize effect wasn't worth it in the early game.  
  • Video watching:  
    • I've been going through much of SF Debris's archives.  I'm skipping shows that I haven't watched, but, all in all, he's a good reviewer of all things science fictiony.  
    • I think that I'll go through my "watch later" list soon since, y'know, that's why it's there.  
  • Work:  I'm still employed, which is more than a lot of people can say in this economy.  Work's good!  
  • Music:  I recently made a point of actually tuning in to's vocal trance channel.  It's been a long time since I actually did.  
  • Sleep:  What's that?  
So, there's the round-up.  

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