Monday, September 30, 2013

ZOMG October!

October is nearly here.  It's one of my favorite months.  Part of it is that I like Halloween, and part of it is that it's the one month that seems to be most reliably autumn-like:  September is often too hot (like this one), and November could - at least in the past - be wintry cold. 
Con on the Cob is coming up, so that's exciting.  Also, I got me some new Halloween decorations, though I'll have to figure out where I'm putting them, given that our walls seem to be mostly windows & bookshelves. 
It's also the time of year for me to make my autumn Chex mix.  I'll have to look to see if I've blogged my recipe before.  If not, then I might just have to blog it.  ;)
And, of course, Pokémon X & Y drop on October 12th.  Frankly, though, I suspect that I won't get to them until the 13th, since that also happens to be an Ascension Game Day.  For what it's worth, I think that I'll run through X first.  Sadly, this also means that I'll probably be delaying my Soul Silver Nuzlocke run even further, as my Pokémon time will mostly be taken up by X. 

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