Thursday, October 31, 2013

Misc. Video Game Updates

As you probably know from a previous update, I've been focused on Pokémon X lately.  However, I haven't dropped other games completely.  Here's the latest on stuff: 
  • Pokémon:  I'm about to beat the 2nd gym.  
  • Team Fortress 2:  This year's Halloween map is actually pretty good.  I like that each person gets his own gift, when they spawn.  It's been a bit crashy, but I think that today's update fixed that.
  • Minecraft:  FYI, I've gotten my boss addicted to Minecraft.  That said, I've been too busy w/ Pokémon X to play!  FWIW, he's tried the new Thaumcraft 4 for Minecraft release candidate 1.7.x, and it's apparently unnecessarily hard, including a new creeping evil force thing and recipes that are sometimes literally impossible to solve.  I think that I'll hold off on updating, not because I want to avoid it, but rather because I'm still doing a lot of exploring in Thaumcraft 3.
  • Kongregate:  I've just been checking dailies & getting badges of the day.  The latter seem largely scary-themed these last few days.
  • Miscellaneous betas:  Well, I can't talk much about most, & I haven't been playing them much due to Pokémon X.  
So, to summarize:  Pokémon X.

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