Monday, May 26, 2014

RPG Hope

I've got good news, everyone! 
I've got two possibilities for two opportunities for RPGs to happen.  These are still prospective-maybes, but that's better than I've had in a long time.  One's for Dungeon World, which I highly recommend for narrative style heroic fantasy, and the other's probably going to be for Fate Core. 
In one case, I'd be running the game, and in the other case, I'd probably be running the game, which is less than ideal, but it's better than nothing.  Also, Dungeon World looks like it's not hard to GM, and kind of makes between-session work fun, since it's similarly narrative-based. 
I'm also still looking for a chance to play certain other games, like Becoming, but I'll be seeing how this other stuff plays out, first. 
So, yeah, good news for me, eh? 

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