Sunday, June 29, 2014

FTL: It's Highly Addictive!

So, FTL has been on my wishlist for a long time, but I happened to notice last week that it was discounted for the Steam Summer Sale, so I bought it. 
I'm really hooked on it.  It has good ship combat, and it provides quite a challenge. 
So far, I've only played it on Normal, but it does have Easy and Hard settings, too. 
Everyone starts with the Kestrel, but I've managed to unlock the Torus, and I even got lucky enough to get the special quest to unlock the engi-designed human stealth ship, whose name I've forgotten. 
Each ship has multiple layouts, which are unlocked by doing achievements specific to that ship.  I've unlocked two of the achievements for the Torus, so I have both its 'A' layout and its 'B' layout. 
Most recently, I've been focusing on trying to beat the game with either layout of the Torus, since that's how to unlock the next ship.  I've been pushing my luck more, trying to get a better ship going for the later sectors, but I've gone too far!  Now, I don't even get as far as I did before.  XD
I'm probably not doing the game justice here.  Go look up the trailer, and videos of people playing it!  For that matter, if you see this post before the Steam Summer Sale ends (June 30th, 2014), then just go buy it:  It's well worth the $1.99. 

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