Saturday, February 28, 2015

Entertainment Plans: March 2015

In case anyone was wondering, I haven't made any Pokémon progress at all lately.  What little time I've spent on the handheld has been on Pokémon shuffle, largely because of its whole heart recharge system.  It's a fine little match-3 game, but I'm not writing to talk about that today.
I realized that, even for my personal entertainment, I won't get anything done unless I specifically set out to to it.  These aren't exactly great aspirations, but I figured that I'd post them here, for what it's worth.  For one thing, I'm hoping to make March be the month that I finally re-play Myst.  For another, I'm hoping to watch some anime.  I haven't watched anime in ages.  I've got one on loan, and I'm hoping to watch any one of a short list of other anime.  (Maybe I'll post details once I decide what to watch.)  Furthermore, in addition to those, I saw the first few episodes of Gankutsuou AGES ago, and saw them again slightly fewer ages ago, but I figure that I can set aside some time and actually watch the whole thing.  (For the curious, Gankutsuou is currently available, both subbed and dubbed, on Funimation's YouTube channel.) 
Oh, and I suppose that I'll have to make some more progress on Pokémon, too.  ;)

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