Friday, July 31, 2015

Sudden Short Story 86

Q'alya al-Orn was wandering once more through the desert, when he was overtaken by a vision.  From every horizon, a mass of water, so great that it rose above each dune and had no gaps, encroached upon him, until the dune on which he stood, which seemed itself to be rapidly dissolving, was the only land around.  The water was so very deep that he could not see the bottom anywhere. 
Before him, a great alien god sat within the water, its tentacles writhing, lashing out at any ship that dared be upon the water's surface.  A corpse from one of the wrecks floated to Q'alya's island.  "We were glad when it took the deserts," it spake, "for we had more fishing, and we lost nothing.  The deserts did not sate it." 
An enormous tentacle came and took the corpse to the god's mouth.  Then, another tentacle came and seized Q'alya, whose island finally gave way.  As he was raised into the air, he saw nothing but water in all directions.  As he fell into the god's enormous maw, he was engulfed by darkness, which was completed as it shut its mouth. 
Q'alya awoke with an enormous mission before him:  He must somehow find and somehow stop the great alien god from turning the world into an ocean.  He headed toward the nearest city, and hoped that it was friendly to elves. 

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