Monday, August 31, 2015

Sudden Short Story 88

"That's a very strange question," she said to the visitor, though she did not know at the time that he was an offworlder.  "Have you really never heard, until now, how our world was created?"
"Strangely enough, no," he said half-honestly.  It was a necessary ruse to tease the cosmogeny out of certain cultures, and these humans were no exception.
"I thought that I'd met all the children, though," she said.  "Who are your parents?"
He was puzzled by her line of reasoning.  "What does who my parents are have to do with the story?"
"Well, I was just curious, is all.  There aren't many children, as you know, which is why I thought that you were here when this world was created.  Ooh, are you from another planet?" 
He laughed nervously.  "You have quite a sense of humor," he said. 
"Do I?  You've never met Kevin, and you're apparently not one of the children.  Everyone would have heard if there'd been a grandchild.  In all my twenty-thousand years here, I've never met you until recently, so you must be a new arrival.  Were you perhaps born in deep space?" 
With that, there was nothing left but to depart.  "You are far less primitive than I suspected, which renders my research up to this point moot."  He bowed and said, "Farewell," and was teleported away. 

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