Monday, November 30, 2015

Video Gaming Changes

It occurs to me that, in the long interval since I last talked about video games here, a lot is different.  I thought that I'd mention something about that, in case anyone cares.
Hearthstone is still my go-to alt+tab option, but I've also found myself playing Heroes of the Storm more than Team Fortress 2.  That said, if I ever get into the Overwatch beta, then that might replace both of those. 
I don't think that I've touched Minecraft in over a year.   I've got nothing against in, but I've got limited time each day, and I don't want to risk getting sucked in like I can so easily do; weekends, when I would have enough time, are when I like to get out of the house, so those are often out, too. 
I've been trying to replay some older games, but I'm surprised at how long sessions of those can be, too. 

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