Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sudden Short Story 102

Anderson took his box of lollipops off the counter and walked away. 
"Have a nice day," said the clerk, but Anderson wasn't interested in exchanging any pleasantries with him or his ilk. 
As he walked out, he opened the box to take out a lollipop.  He passed by someone who was walking the opposite way, and idly commented, "Can you believe that they put these things in boxes now?" 
"Yes, why?" came the reply. 
While it might have been someone who was smugly taking his question literally in an attempt to seem witty, the question of "why" was unlikely, and the tone was too... kind
Anderson ignored the response and kept walking.  No matter where he went, it was all well-skinned androids these days.  He didn't like them, considering each a walking, talking lie.  He unwrapped his lollipop - the one candy that he allowed himself these days - and he suddenly stopped.  It wasn't just today, or the past week, or the past month.  Was it even in the past year?  When was the last time that he'd come across another human being. 
Anderson walked more slowly the rest of the way, wondering whether there were any other real humans left.  It had been so long. 

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