Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Webcomic Catch-Up Update: November 2016

Once again, real life got in the way this month, though in a different way.  I managed to finish off the Real Life Comics archive, up to and including December 10th, 2015, which is the last known episode.  I'm working on catching up on my reading of Maq #041, but I don't even remember what was going on at all, so there's going to be some overlap again. 
I'm definitely going to take a more thorough dive into the old webcomic pile in December and January.  I want to be able to finish catching up in February, or maybe March, so that I can then do a new catch-up right after that and then finally get to the point where I just read the webcomics every night - and actually remember what's going on in the ones where that's relevant.  That, after all, is the overall goal of this:  to get back to the point where I've got the routine relaxation every night of reading my webcomics. 

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