Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Classic RPGs and Other Stuff

I felt like updating my blog.

Earth was hit hard recently, as Gary Gygax passed away Tuesday, March 4th. While it's unfortunate that he's gone, it has also been interesting to see the community response. Additionally, I've learned just how influential his work has been. Apparantly, by co-creating D&D, he essentially created the RPG. Thus, even video game RPGs owe their existence to him. Yes, I mean you, people-who-play-VGRPGs-but-not-regular-RPGs.
Anyway, in memory of Gary Gygax, I would like to run (or play - like that's going to happen) an original D&D game (i.e., 1st edition). I would like to do a lot of things. I've had some trouble finding free & legal source stuff for early D&D. However, I did run across something called OSRIC, which stands for Old School something-something-something. It's supposed to attempt to emulate early D&D and other 1970s to early 1980s RPGs.
I am hoping to get together with my friends over the upcoming spring break to do something, so that would be a good opportunity for this. I might also have the opportunity to start getting a feel for my play-by-e-mail RPGs. I still need to work out who wants to play and what they want to play.

So, my spring break will be mostly focused on my big project, but there will be some fun in there in the form of games, and I might even write out a bit of my story. Then there will be the remainder of the term, which should take me through into May. So, somewhere in the middle of May my gaming might pick up. See? This is why I need to run RPGs through e-mail.

I'll try to post to this blog over the break.

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