Thursday, February 21, 2008

Possible Side Project: Play-by-E-Mail RPGs

I came up with an idea recently. I'm going to see about running an RPG or two via e-mail. This has several benefits.
1. It gets around my difficulty getting enough people together on a regular basis.
2. It allows me to try some more RPGs.
3. I can do RPGs without having to have multi-hour blocks of time available.
4. I don't have to drive around all over the place.

There are some drawbacks, too, though. Any game that relies on an on-table representation of the board will require me to represent that in some way. Also, we'd need to handle the dice somehow. Probably, I'd have to roll for whatever everyone is doing.
There's also the issue of the rules set. Players all sitting around a table can pass a book - or a monitor displaying an e-book - around. However, physical objects can't be sent around via e-mail, and there's a legal issue with sending a copy of an e-book - not to mention that the files are often too large, both for attachment sizes and for inboxes.

Well, we'll see what happens.

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