Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sudden Short Story 22

It had been a tense few minutes since the tremor hit.  Most people on the coast were glued to various media feeds - television, radio, broadcast radio - since they were waiting to find out whether there might be an evacuation for a tidal wave.  Fortunately, seismologists had managed to determine that the epicenter was far enough inland for a tsunami to be unlikely.
"And this just in, we're receiving reports that the Democratic Republic of Congo is missing," said a suddenly-perplexed anchor.  "Who wrote this?" he asked someone off-camera.  "Conquest, revolution, what?"  His attention was directed back toward the camera, or rather, to the teleprompter below. "This just in, we're receiving satellite telemetry of ... Of what?  There's nothing else, it just says 'of'.  Just, put it on."
It was then that the now-frustrated anchor, along with a significant portion of the American population, saw it.  Momentarily, it appeared as a nondescript section of some dull, rocky terrain.  The camera soon zoomed out, though, until the surrounding land came into view.  Many people were slow to realize just what they were seeing, because the magnitude was so staggering.  Most of the field of view of this particular camera was filled with most of Africa, but there, in the middle, was a crater where the Democratic Republic of the Congo used to be.

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