Saturday, November 10, 2012

SolLock's Log: Day 2

Last night, after writing in my journal, I traveled northward to camp out in front of Route 31.  A trainer with two Caterpie challenged me to a battle, which I won.  I awoke early, hoping to find a Ledyba, but I instead found and caught a Bellsprout, whom I named Pitcher.  I found another apricorn tree, this one producing black fruit.
A Bug Catcher named Wade fought me.  He was, at least, more varied than the one from last night:  In addition to three Caterpie, he had a Weedle.  After the match, he said that he would call me if he found any useful items, as he sometimes does, so we exchanged phone numbers.
I made my way into Violet City - interrupted by Lyra, who gave me a Vs Recorder - and proceeded to explore.  In the south of the city, I found another apricorn tree, this one producing yellow fruit.  I also met a man who seemed eager to teach people about status conditions, and I met someone in the southeast who wants to trade his Onix for a Bellsprout.  I'll keep that in mind for later.
I first headed west, to Route 36.  There was little going on there.  Apparently, it is normally busier, but a strange tree is blocking the path.  I approached the tree myself, noting how hard it was to the touch, but, more surprisingly, it seemed to move in reaction to that.
I decided to journey through the Ruins of Alph, which have their north entrance on Route 36.  There were some scientists at the research facility, but I avoided the ruins themselves for the time being.  The east entrance of the ruins leads back to Route 32, which connects to Violet City on its southern side.  I heard that there were wild Ekans there, so I tried my luck, but found instead another Bellsprout.  I named her Vine.
I heard that the rare Ghost-type pokémon come out of Sprout Tower at night, so I waited until nightfall before entering, doing some slight training.  Pitcher learned Growth, which I'm sure will come in handy; she previously knew only Vine Whip.
When night fell, I entered Sprout Tower, hoping to find a ghost, but instead finding one of the Rattata that run around in its walls.  It was very close - Sting had poisoned him with her Poison Sting, so I had to quickly use an Antidote to not lose him.  I named him "Scrounger".  After treating them at the pokémon center, I decided to call it a night.
Note:  I stored Vine in the PC, since I already have Pitcher.

[NOTE:  Despite the date of this posting, day 2 actually corresponds to Saturday, October 20th, 2012, if memory serves.]

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