Friday, November 23, 2012

SolLock's Log: Day 4

Today, I let my pokémon take a break from training to just relax, while I observed them from under the shade of a tree.  Sting attached herself to the tree early on.  Scrounger and Arsonist took to playfully wrestling with one another, while Pitcher found a sunny spot near a puddle to spend most of the morning.  Watchman stood on her tail near Pitcher, at first, but later moved as she seemed to take an interest in what the other rodents were doing.
I was looking at Sting, watching for signs of movement, when Watchman ran by me, followed by Scrounger and Arsonist.  They gave me quite a start!
Eventually, the sun moved so far that Pitcher had to take up a new position to keep sunning.
When evening came, my rodents were fairly eager to return to their pokéballs, having worn themselves out all day.  Pitcher wasn't quite as eager, but became more willing as sunny spots grew scarce under the setting sun.  I kept Sting out, but she stayed in the tree as long as she could.  I think that she might be getting ready to evolve again; I've heard that Bug pokémon with cocoon forms tend to have those short-lived.
Tomorrow is another training day.  If I'm feeling confident in my pokémon, then I may challenge the gym leader in the evening.

[NOTE:  This entry does not correspond to an actual play day.]

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