Sunday, March 31, 2013

SolLock's Log: Day 7

I started out the day by going back to the Apricorn trees, to see if there were any new Apricorns, but there were none.  Togepi readily handled the wild pokémon that appeared on the way back to Violet City.
Next, I spent some time training my pokémon against the wild pokémon on the northern part of Route 32.  Watchman isn't doing very well, but that's why she needs this training.  This worked well, though, as she's learned Fury Swipes in place of Scratch.  Also in that time, I happened upon a picknicker named Liz.  She challenged me with her Nidoran♀, which got a frightening critical hit in on Watchman.  I finished her off with Arsonist, though.  Afterward, we exchanged phone numbers.
I went to the southern end of the route and decided to take a brief trip into Union Cave.  I first encountered a Rattata; I caught him and named him Vector.  I also found an X Attack in an alcove.  After returning to the pokémon center, though, I decided to test my mettle against a trainer that I'd seen hanging around near the cave.  He turned out to be a bird keeper named Peter.  Thorough use of Quick Attack on the part of Watchman handled both of his Pidgey, but I let Scrounger handle his Spearow.  Joey called while I was in the pokémon center.  He thinks that his Rattata is in the top percentage of Rattata.  Should I be training Scrounger more?
Somewhat confident in my pokémon's abilities, I had Pitcher lead the way through Union Cave.  Eager to see what lay ahead, I avoided what trainers I saw, and emerged on Route 33.  By that time, though, I had switched Sting to the front of my party, as repeated fights against wild Rattata were starting to take their toll on Pitcher.  There, though, I encountered a wild Ekans.  Fortunately, Sting's Poison Sting was a good way to wear him down without knocking him out, and I managed to catch him.  I named him King.
Then, Liz called with some inane gossip.
Amidst the evening rains on Route 33, I did see some Apricorn plants' bearing fruit.  I was able to obtain one each pink and black Apricorn from them.
The return trip through Union Cave provided good experience for Scrounger, though twilight was already upon me when I emerged from the cave.
I decided to train Watchman and Pitcher against a hiker that I had seen in the cave.  His name was Daniel, and, as it turns out, his only pokémon was an Onix.  I immediately switched to Pitcher, who promptly finished him with two strikes of Vine Whip.  He also learned Sleep Powder, which I expect to be extremely useful.
After a fashion, Watchman evolved into a Furret.  I hope that this means that that hard work has paid off, but she was tired, so I retreated to Violet City, where I put her into the PC in exchange for King.  I tried to train him against the wild pokémon on Route 32, but the first Bellsprout was a tough win, so I healed him and took him back to Route 31.  He handled a Hoothoot alright, but was almost lost to a Rattata.  We'll resume training tomorrow.  Perhaps King will even learn a fourth move.

[NOTE:  This entry corresponds to Saturday, March 30th, 2013.]

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