Monday, October 13, 2014

Y-Locke's Log: Day 6

This time, I was greeted with a non-Bug gift pokémon, in the form of a Pumpkaboo. 

I set out onto Route 4 again, though I immediately faced Roland, the roller skater, and his Pidgey.  Pyrrhini made swift work of it, though.  I also encountered a trainer with some Burmy, and thought it a prime opportunity to train Theodore up somewhat.  It was during this battle that I realized Theodore's true potential:  In his Simple way, he is better at moves like Defense Curl, which should help him out in long fights. 
I took out a Flabébé on the side of the road, and was inexplicably accosted by a preschooler with a Magikarp. 
I also found some Honey while randomly poking around at bushes.  Weird. 
A tough fight against a wild Budew got me to put Pyrrhini back in front.  He did fairly well against the wild pokémon in the area. 
I returned to Santalune City to recharge a bit, then set Mousea at the lead.  Unfortunately, my first opponent had a Budew, so I switched to Sly, to let him stretch his legs a bit. 
In the grasses, Mousea had quite a long fight against a wild Flabébé.  I realize that he needs a lot more training if he's going to take anything out with adequate swiftness.  I sought out more wild pokémon for him to fight, but unfortunately encountered another Budew, which would not likely go down to Bubble and Water Gun attacks. 
I returned to the pokémon center to let my pokémon recover, and decided to call it a night.  Mousea will need to be well-rested if I am to bring him up to the same level as the rest of the team. 

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