Sunday, October 26, 2014

Y-Locke's Log: Day 7

I once again received a pokémon as a gift today.  This time, it was a Gengar holding a Gengarite.  With this, I do have the equivalent of an entire team in my PC box, which is nice. 
I headed to Route 4 and ran into a trainer with a Pichu and a Pikachu.  Mousea was able to handle the Pichu alright, but he had some trouble against the Pikachu, so I had Sly finish him off. 
I did find a Net Ball in one corner of the route.  It was there that I also encountered a Gardener named Grover.  He had only a Corphish, but experience taught me that those are fairly tough, so I sent Orion out, who used Sand-Attack before finishing off the Corphish by more conventional means.  He also told me the name of the hedgerows flanking the route:  They are apparently called the Geometric Gardens. 
After a run back to the pokémon center, I explored the other side of Route 4, and ran across another Gardener, named Fabian.  He, like so many others, had a lone Corphish as his pokémon.  Mousea's Charm was useful for slowing Corphish's attack, but Corphish is a Water-type, and I'm not sure that Mousea had enough attacks in total to knock him out, so I switched to Theodore.  I ended up using a Potion to save Theodore, but Mousea did learn Bubblebeam in the process - replacing Water Gun - so it was a pretty good battle overall.  I did retreat to the pokémon center to recover, though. 
On the northernmost part of Route 4, I ran across two white-clad trainers, who seemed pleased that I had encountered a Flabébé, and who eventually introduced themselves as Sina and Dexio.  Apparently, the Fairy type was only recently classified.  They offered to show me the way to Professor Sycamore's lab.  Along the way, Dexio gave me the TM for Return, a move that gets stronger when my friendship with the pokémon using it is strong. 
Lumiose City seems quite big, so I followed Sina straight to the lab.  While there, another scientist gave me the TM for False Swipe, which apparently always leaves a pokémon with at least 1 HP, which is super useful for catching pokémon. 
While I was talking to Professor Sycamore, Shauna and Serena arrived, and Sycamore suggested that we all battle.  I did get a moment to switch my pokémon around first, though, so I put Theodore out front to give him some experience.  Sycamore sent out a Bulbasaur first, so I ended up switching to Orion, to exploit its weakness to Flying-type attacks; two Gusts took it out.  Against his Squirtle, I kept Orion out, but was more cautious, leading with a Sand-Attack.  He finished Squirtle off, but almost didn't survive!  When the professor sent out Charmander, I sent out Mousea, and led strong with his newly-learned Bubblebeam.  It wasn't quite as good as I was hoping, so I got cautious, having Mousea use Water Sport and Charm to reduce Charmander's attack power.  More Water-type attacks eventually finished the job, though, and Professor Sycamore was defeated. 
Then, in an unexpected gesture, Professor Sycamore offered me my choice of any one of those same three pokémon species.  I was torn between Charmander and Squirtle, but I suspected that Water-types would be more common than Fire-types on my journey, despite how many I had at the moment, so I went with Charmander.  He let me name it, too, so I dubbed him "Comet", for his fiery-looking tail. 
Then, in a further act of generosity, Professor Sycamore gave me a Charizardite Y.  Apparently, it's a Mega Stone, and is connected to Mega Evolution; he'd like us to look into it, and suggested that we check out Camphrier Town.  (He also gave pokémon and mega stones to the others.) 
Comet wasn't holding anything, so I gave him the Charizardite Y to hold. 
On my way out, I encountered a fellow named Lysandre.  Apparently, he's been studying pokémon for a while now, and has hopes for a more "beautiful" world. 
On my way out, Serena mentioned that she'd like to meet me at a Cafe Soliel.  Conveniently, Trevor & Tierno mentioned that it was toward Camphrier Town; there's no way that I'd have found it easily in all of Lumiose.  I decided to retreat to the Santalune City pokémon center for the night, though. 
I also think that I'll mix up my team a little:  Rather than using Pyrrhini or Comet, where I already also have both Sly and my Torchic, I'm going to use Rose Red for a while, and see how she plays out. 

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