Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Y-Locke's Log: Day 8

Today had quite an interesting start to it indeed.  I received a Diancie, but before I could even begin to get to know it, an anonymous butler and maid arrived, speaking of its remarkable beauty.  But then, they asked me to give it to them!  Fortunately, their master arrived to straighten the whole thing out.  He also mentioned that rumor had it that Diancie is something of a good luck charm. 
However, I had already committed to using Rose Red as my Fairy-type, so I put Diancie away, for now, and set back out on the road to train her up. 
Rose Red isn't very tough yet, so I'm doing many bouts against wile pokémon; Theodore is her backup, for now.  However, in one particularly tough fight against a Ledyba, I ended up switching Sly in, and, afterwards, he evolved into a Braixen! 
The amount of training that I'm having to do to prepare Rose Red for battle reminds me of just how fragile some pokémon can be; she's fairly easily weakened, and I worry for the worst.  Mousea is similarly weak, though I do at least get enough time to retrieve him for battle; he's not as frail, but he can barely damage anything, so, unfortunately, every battle using Mousea threatens to be a losing one. 
Mousea did manage to learn Lucky Chant tonight, which should help her survive battles, since critical hits can do truly surprising amounts of damage.  Theodore also learned Rollout.  I look forward to a chance to try it out, but I've been training my pokémon all day, and I think that they could use a rest.  ^_^

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