Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sudden Short Story 66

"Hey, Jerry," Benedict said, waving his friend over. 
"Hey, what's up?" Jerry asked when he got there. 
"Well, since the port's having some down time, we're swapping anecdotes about our home dimensions.  This is Ken, by the way.  Apparently, even though our dimensions are close to each other, the celebrities are wildly different.  Like, um... Ooh, tell me about Michael Jackson." 
"The musician?" Ken asked. 
"No way!" Jerry interjected, "He stayed with music?  We're talking Mad Michael Jackson, the pro wrestler, right?  Well, no, I suppose not.  But did yours start out in The Jackson 5, too?" 
"Yeah, that's the one.  He died of a drug overdose.  Just as well, really." 
"Oh yeah," added Benedict, "That's one thing:  In both our dimensions, drug overdose is a really common way for celebrities to go." 
"So your Michael Jackson was a pro wrestler?" asked Ken.  "What about your Dwayne Johnson?" 
"He was a pro wrestler, too," said Jerry, "but then he went on to sell these electric grills that drain fat into a catch basin." 
"Oh, that was our George Foreman's schtick.  Our Dwayne Johnson became an actor, but still started out in pro wrestling." 
"Oh.  We've basically got it the other way around:  George Foreman went on to be an actor in B-grade sci-fi movies." 
"Oh, weird," said Ken.  "Let's see... Our Bob Ross was a painter, what was yours?" 
"He did comic books back in the 20th century," said Benedict. 
Just then, they all got alerts.  Each saw that the other had just checked one, and correctly assumed that they were the same:  The port was back to up time.  They parted ways, and each left with the thought of how different-yet-similar things were between dimensions.  Each was also glad that he wasn't a celebrity. 

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