Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sudden Short Story 68

A glowing orb appeared before him.  It was hard to miss on the desolate planet with the thin atmosphere.  He had a suspicion of what it might be, so he turned around.  The orb moved in front of him.  He waited, and it started making noises, soon progressing to the old dial-up modem sound. 
"I wasn't sure if anyone else was still around, really." 
"You speak modern English," came from the orb. 
"Indeed I do," said the man.  "Though that only works as a technical description, since the language is hardly 'modern' any more, since it's been so long since anyone had cause to speak it.  I'm honestly a little surprised that you became energy beings," he said frankly. 
"I'm surprised that an antique human still exists.  You're very probably the last one," replied the orb. 
"I hope that you're wrong about that," replied the antique man. 
A moment passed - a small eternity to the energetic human being.  "What are you doing?" it asked. 
"I'm waiting," replied the antique human. 
"What are you waiting for?" asked the orb, from a wrote phrase. 
"You wouldn't understand," said the antique, confined to his physical form.  He was certain that it wouldn't understand what he awaited or why he awaited it. 
Another moment passed.  "If you find another antique human, would you let me know?" 
"I will," said the orb. 
After a while, the orb lost interest in its find, and left. 

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