Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Wrap-Up

Well, I never made a Minecraft mod, and I never got around to playing LEGO Indiana Jones, though I probably will in January. 
On review, it turns out that LEGO Indiana Jones wasn't on my 2014 resolution list.  Well, I still want to do it at some point, since I do own it. 
Beating Myst again (after so many years) won't happen this year, unless I manage to squeeze that in tomorrow, which is unlikely. 
I did at least get into Minecraft for a while, though I haven't played in months. 
I did beat the Elite 4 in Pokémon X, but I didn't manage to catch 'em all. 

As far as blogging 4 times per month goes, I've got a note for each of 2 sudden short stories, so I just need to type those up to bring me to 3 this month, and then I need one more topic somewhere.... 

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