Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sudden Short Story 81

The little girl sat at the bus stop as the #4 pulled away.  Though kicking her feet a little, she had a melancholy about her. 
"Why are you sad," asked a woman's voice. 
"Because I'm waiting for the bus," she said. 
"When the bus arrives, will you be happy?" 
"I'm happy now," answered the girl.  "But, I'm also sad, because I miss my family."  She looked off, down the road, which now wound through bushes and trees and was made of dirt.  She was already losing them, in her mind, and her reason for going.  Tears began to well in her eyes, but she held them back.  "I won't miss them once I cross the hedge, will I?" 
The bus arrived. 
"No," answered the voice. 
The little girl boarded the bus. 

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