Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sudden Short Story 83

He finally saw the forest man, though it was obvious that it was only because he wanted to be seen. 
"You've spent a lot of time in our territory," he announced to the younger man - a boy, really, no more than sixteen by the looks of it.  "I take it that you're after me." 
A crow alighted on a nearby branch. 
"That's one way to put it," the young man replied.  He was slightly winded from ascending a steep slope. 
A crow alighted on a nearby branch. 
"You've come to me as Ursa is taking care of her cubs.  So don't worry," he smirked, "you won't be mauled by a bear." 
A crow alighted on a nearby branch. 
"You're bringing a lot of crows, though," said the young man, as a crow alighted on a nearby branch. 
"Despite what you may have heard, I do not controls most of these animals, though they are my friends.  The army of squirrels is a different matter, though." 
"The what?" 
"Don't worry about it.  What brings you to me?" 
A crow landed on the ground near the visitor.  That one always had been curious. 
"You don't realize who I am, do you?" asked the young man. 
"I haven't heard any news from the city in years.  Are you some kind of child prodigy, who ran up a business empire and needs more land because, really, it's important?"  A crow cawed.  "Maybe you're a grown man who invented a youth serum and now you're aging backwards and you're just plain desperate."  More crows called.  "I honestly don't know who you are.  Who are you?" 
"You might find this hard to believe," said the young man, "but... I'm your son." 
The crows began an absolute cacophony.  The forest man struggled to retain his composure, knowing that the boy was about the right age ... . 
The boy shouted over the din of the crows.  "Do you remember a girl named--" 
"You should get out of here while you still can," spoke the forest man clearly. 
"What?"  The young man was caught by surprise, not expecting to be rebuked so suddenly.  "But, you haven't even heard me out." 
"As I said," said the forest man, trying very hard not to yell to be heard over the crows, so as to avoid seeming even more agitated, "I do not control the animals, but they are my friends.  Slowly leave the area, now." 
Afraid for life or limb, the young man turned and left.  He was miles away before he stopped being scared of every large shadow in a tree branch. 

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