Monday, February 29, 2016

A Brief Thought about 5G

While every now and again people keep trying to encourage the idea of the "internet of things," I have another notion as to what will happen there.  I think that many of these peripherals - specifically, household and personal effects - will be merged into the return of the PAN.  Whether anyone actually calls it a Personal Area Network is irrelevant - though I suspect that the term will be avoided because it will ring in the minds of some as old tech, which, for the sake of marketing, is automatically bad. 
Improvements in battery life are usually cancelled out by expectations by hardware and software makers of more battery power to consume, but I think that wireless earbuds could become a thing, since there's a practical upper limit to what an ear-scaled speaker need to do. 
Fitbit and other biometric monitoring devices seem to have a niche. 
Smart watches will become practical if they can get their price down below 25% of their paired phone (as opposed to their current ~100%). 
While it might be nice to adjust your thermostat without getting up, do you really need to be able to do it from work?  Maybe that's not the best example, but how many household items are they trying to make internet-capable when you really don't need to be able to use them from more than 3 meters past your front door? 
Oh, and they're trying to make keyless entry an app on your phone, so there's that. 
So yeah, don't think of it as an internet of things.  Think of 5G as the return of the PAN. 

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