Monday, February 29, 2016

Sudden Short Story 104

He and his opponent were playing a deckbuilder this time.  There came a time when they both had their decks in their shufflers, and he asked, "Do you suppose, in hindsight, that it was wrong of me to make you?" 
"How do you mean?" it replied. 
"Well, I created an artificial general intelligence for the purpose of being my opponent in games, but now it's self-aware.  Is it right to create sentience for such a purpose?  Or for any purpose?" 
It reached for its deck, but seemed to move more slowly as it processed these questions of ethics.  "I suppose," it replied, "that, as long as you did not intend to create sentience, then the only question is whether you should have been more cautious about what you were doing, to avoid creating sentience.  I am, after all, the only known sentient to have such a sense of purpose."  After a pause, it asked, "Is it bad to not have to have sought it myself?  Or is it good to not have the risk of squandering my entire existence seeking purpose, as so many of your people once did?" 
"You raise good questions," he replied.  He thought for a moment, shuffling idly, even though the shuffler had done that job for him.  "When you find out, let me know." 

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