Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Life Update May 2016

There's not going to be a third post this month.  I was planning to blog last week, actually, but a bit of a crisis came up.  Don't worry, I'm safe, but I'm trying to help some friends of mine in real life, and things have been a bit trying of late.  I was going to write a sudden short story last week, actually, but I really haven't been in the mood for it lately. 
A bit of a clarification on that:  For the past ... few years, really, I've almost never written a sudden short story truly suddenly, usually because I'm far, far away from the keyboard when I think of it, so I jot down a note and actually write the story a bit later.  For instance, I have a sudden short story note written down right now, but I won't be getting to it this week. 
But, yes, expect 4 posts next month, since I'll be making up this month's missed post. 

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