Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sudden Short Story 110

He sat in the cafe, staring straight up at the stars as they moved toward the horizon. 
"You come here often," said the girl who sat opposite him. 
"They didn't use to do that," he said. 
"You should watch the sky by the edge," she replied. 
"I'm not going there," he said. 
"Why don't you ever leave Central City?" 
His facade finally crumbled.  "Way back, I don't even remember how long ago, there was this guy.  I burned him.  I burned him real bad.  We were friends, and I ... - He said that he'd throw me off the edge of the Earth if he ever got the chance.  And then he left, and we never spoke again.  And I lived my life, and I figured that he lived his, until they announced this plan to turn the planet into a goddamn spaceship. 
"And he'll do it, too.  I saw that look in his eye.  I knew that he was real mad, but I thought that that promise was his way of staying out of jail.  He'll do it, and I'm staying as far away from the edge as possible." 

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