Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Great Webcomic Catch-Up: June 2016 Update

I've got a plan for this whole webcomic catch-up thing with which I've been struggling.  It comes in a few parts: 
1.  Allocate a specific time every day for reading my caught-up webcomics.  
2.  Re-catch-up on my webcomics with which I had previously caught up. 
3.  Create a "temporary drop-list" of webcomics that I'm finding it difficult to catch up. 

I think that that combination can get me where I want to be, at least to start:  Keeping up on the (majority of) webcomics that I follow, so that I don't end up in this webcomic-free doom-spiral like before. 

P.S.:  I'm pushing this month's bonus update to early July, because June's short and July starts with a long weekend. 

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