Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sudden Short Story 113

"I need to get back," he said. 
"Get back where?" asked the nurse as she jotted something down on his chart. 
"Maybe," he said, groggily, "maybe I need more sleep." 
"Mm-hmm," replied the nurse, "Well, you came back clean, so we'll have to discharge you.  The best I can do is turn out the lights and close the blinds until I finish your paperwork." 
"Yes, please," he replied, barely keeping his eyes open as his head rolled around. 
She closed the curtains and turned out the lights on her way out.  He knew that he didn't have long.  He rested his eyes for just a bit.  He needed to rest in reality while he could, but he had to get back. 
Luckily, the nurse knocked just before she opened the door, waking him up.  He fell into a shadow just before she flipped on the light switch, though he accidentally took the bed sheet with him. 

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