Thursday, September 29, 2016

Webcomic Catch-Up Update: September 2016

FYI, I've made some progress on catching up on webcomics.  I figure that I'll make these monthly reports, since I didn't get through many this month.  This will also be as much for my own reference as anything.  Here we go: 

The Unspeakable Vault of Doom:  I caught up through vault 544.  Overall, the comic's OK.  It makes more sense as one comic of many that I read, and I think that it's the only comic dedicated to Lovecraftian humor that I had on my list. 
The Book of Biff:  I caught up through the latest episode, which was some time in 2014.  I've moved it from active to hiatused. 
xkcd:  I caught up through episode 1739:  Fixing Problems.  This comic has gotten better over the years, or maybe it's just accumulated more gems in its long run.

Little Vampires:  I only started catching up on this one.  I don't remember exactly where I left off on my previous catch-up, so I started at the beginning of the Welcome to Monsterdell arc. 

I'll let you guys know how this goes next month. 

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