Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nuzlocke: Soul Silver

I recently (several weeks ago) learned of something called The Nuzlocke Challenge.  As you can see at the link, there are just 2 rules:  Only attempt to catch the first pokémon in an area, and any feinted pokémon is dead.
I am going to attempt this challenge with my heretofore unopened Soul Silver edition of Pokémon.  I'll make a few tweaks, though:
1.  Instead of releasing a feinted pokémon, I'll have a PC box labelled "RIP", which will act as a cemetery.  Let me never forget my fallen friends.
2.  I'll try to catch legendaries for the challenge, but I'll never use them.  That works both ways:  Even if a legend is the 1st pokémon that I encounter on a route (likely via judicious use of Repel), it just "doesn't count" for me.
3.  This is more of a clarification, but it's assumed that gift pokémon don't count against any area limit, especially as some are no-choice gifts, anyway.
4.  Another clarification:  I'll assume that each PokéWalker route is an area unto itself, and thus that only the 1st poké radar encounter counts.
5.  Though it's not actually in the rules, I'm taking a tentative pass on breeding, more in keeping with the spirit of the challenge than the letter.
Though I started Heart Gold with Cyndaquil, I'll also be starting Soul Silver with Cyndaquil, owing the the comparative rarity of fire-type pokémon.  I'll post here with occasional updates.

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