Friday, January 31, 2014

Initial Thoughts on Hinduism & Vedic Mythology

I have come to the conclusion that there was a vast ancient Indo-European conspiracy to make my life hard. 
not really
As you may recall from my post on my initial thoughts on Greek mythology, ancient polytheistic* religions are hard! 
And to make it worse, western culture has almost no references to any Sura or Asura.  I mean, I knew that Shiva had 4 arms, and The Simpsons once made a joke involving Ganesha, but that's not much.  And to top it all off, most clades derive their names from Greek or Latin words, rather than Hindi, so my curiosity about evolutionary biology doesn't even help! 
Fortunately, I know someone knowledgeable on the subject who's quite willing to field questions on the matter.  Nevertheless, I suspect that I'm going to be making more diagrams for this one, too - and yes, there are multiple versions of some things, so I'll have to sort that out, too.  I just have to decide whether to use colors or shapes to indicate of which of the Trimurti each being is an aspect. 

I also feel that I should mention that, like the Greek mythology research, this is for a (separate) personal creative project that you might see.  I'll still try to post any insights that I might have here, that they might be useful to others. 

*By most accounts, Hinduism is not technically polytheistic.

P.S.:  Props to Firefox/Blogger for knowing all of those words up there. 

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