Sunday, January 5, 2014

Y-Locke's Log: Day 1

Today's the big day.  What timing, eh?  Just before I start my own Pokémon adventure, we have a big move! 
As important as my Pokémon journey is, I figure that I'll keep this log to remember things. 


No sooner did I step out of my front door than I was greeted by my new neighbor, Serena, and her friend Shauna.  They informed my that my presence, and theirs, had been requested by Professor Sycamore.  They said that we'd meet in the next town over, and that that's where we'd get our first Pokémon.  So, I said goodbye to Rhyhorn, took one last look around Vaniville, and went off to meet my destiny.  

Several yards away, I found Aquacorde town.  I was immediately hailed by a group of four, including the two girls that I had met previously.  I was introduced to Tierno and Trevor.  I was then introduced to the Pokémon with whom I would go on my journey.  There were actually three options:  Chespin, the Grass type, Froakie, the Water type, and Fennekin, the Fire type.  I chose a Fennekin for myself.  Per the rules, I nicknamed him.  Since he's a fox, I decided to call him Sly.  Shauna picked Chespin, and Serena picked Forakie. 
Trevor delivered to me a Pokédex from Professor Sycamore.  We are to try to complete the Pokédexes for Professor Sycamore's research. 
Tierno gave me a letter from the professor to my mother, to deliver to her.  Before heading back home so soon, though, I thought that I'd have a look around.  Some fellow in the town square gave me a Potion, which I'm sure will be put to good use.  I found a shop that sells Poké Balls, so I bought ten.  I received a Premier Ball as an added bonus, which is quite handy. 
On my way home, Shauna ambushed me and challenged me to a battle.  Two hits of Ember made quick work of her Chespin.  Despite this, she was kind enough to heal Sly for me. 
Upon delivering the letter to my mother, she gave me a map and a spare change of clothes, so I suppose that it's good that my journey had this slight delay.  Ryhorn said its own goodbye to me, too, and then I was off to see the whole wide Kalos region. 


I had barely stepped onto Route 2 when a wild Pokémon appeared.  I had Sly use his Scratch attacks to weaken it, then caught it in a Poké Ball.  I named him Orion.  Since both of them were weakened from their battle, I went back to Aquacorde to have them rest up. 
Upon returning to Route 2, I encountered Shauna and Serena.  Serena encountered a Bunnelby, and used her Fletchling to catch it.  She also gave Shauna and me some Poké Balls, so I'm now ten Poké Balls richer, for what it's worth. 
I proceeded to spend some time training Orion and Sly against the wild Pokémon on Route 2, returning to Aquacorde whenever either was weakened.  It soon grew late, however, so I returned to Aquacorde for the night. 
Tomorrow is another day. 

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