Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Great Webcomic Catch-Up: August Update

The good news is that I have made some progress on catching up on webcomics.  I'm up to having to catch up on over a year of LEGOStar Galactica.  It should be mostly straightforward, but he has been doing more action scenes, which are a bit hard to parse, but are at least sparse on dialog. 

Once I'm caught up on LEGOStar - which, as of where I am, still hasn't made a BSG joke - I think that I'll be about 40%-45% of the way through the list, though I'll obviously have to re-catch-up once I'm done, until I'm eventually actually caught up. 

Since this post is kind of short, I'll mention something else:  I was going to make a post describing how to beat Maexxna on heroic in Hearthstone.  I used a Rogue deck that took advantage of Battlecry mechanics and some save-your-ass cards.  Before making that post, I wanted to beat her on heroic again, since it had been so long, to remind myself what to tell you, but I haven't been able to do it again!  I'll at least leave you with this tidbit:  Anub'Rekhan & Faerlina can both be defeated fairly straightforwardly with a standard Druid ramp deck.  Seriously, I didn't even have to make a special heroic-defeating deck or anything. 

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