Sunday, August 24, 2014

Y-Locke's Log: Day 5

I got another delivery today.  I was expecting it to be another Vivillon, but I was at least close:  It was a Pinsir, and a level 50 one at that!  I also got a Pinsirite, which I gave to the Pinsir, since it seemed appropriate.  Having only the Bug Badge so far, I put Pinsir in the box with my other gift-bugs, and set off to Route 4. 
I was stopped by Viola's sister again, who introduced herself as Alexa this time.  She also gave me an Exp. Share, to spread experience around my team. 
Route 4 has some hedge mazes, which I explored, finding a Repel and a Super Potion right away.  Also, in the flowers, I ran across a Flabébé, which I managed to catch on the first ball throw, after weakening it with Sly's Scratch attack.  Since this Flabébé inhabits a red flower, I decided to name her Rose Red.  As my team was full, she was sent to the PC box. 
The hedge maze also held a Great Ball and an Antidote, along with a trainer.  He was a gardener by the name of Wheaton, and he sent out a Corphish.  Since Sly is a Fire-type, I switched out for someone else.  I considered Mousea, another water type, but he's of such a low level that I feared that he wouldn't survive, so I sent out Orion, who was of a higher level and had Sand Attack available.  Orion was apparently faster, since his Sand-Attacks hit before Corphish's Bubble attacks, but they didn't seem to be helping much.  I had to use a Potion to keep Orion's HP in a comfortable area, I realized that I was running low.  To make things worse, the Corphish never missed, despite its accuracy reduction.  It did eventually miss once, just before Orion finished it off, but I was down 2 Potions, and really needed to get more.  Thankfully, Orion learned Quick-Attack, and my battle winnings were enough for 3 potions with some change, and I had plenty of money, anyway, so I bought ten Potions while I was resting my pokémon at the center back in town. 
I also bought ten more Antidotes, since they're cheap, and ten more Paralyze Heals, since I only had one and they seemed like they'd be very helpful in battle. 
I found the Perle Fountain on Route 4.  I was skating around it when a Roller Skater challenged me to a pokémon battle.  She had only a Fletchling, though, so I weakened it with Sly before sending out Mousea, to give him some experience.  After taking a Tackle, though, I could see that leaving him out would be risky, so I switched to Theodore.  Two tackles, though, also put Theodore in risky territory, so I switched back to Sly to finish the job.  Sly learned Flame Charge in place of Tail Whip, and I beat a hasty retreat to the pokémon center. 
Considering the rough time that Mousea and Theodore had of it, I decided to train them and Pyrrhini against the wild pokémon on Route 4, for their own safety.  Eventually, Mousea learned Charm, Theodore learned Defense Curl, and Pyrrhini learned Incinerate in place of Play Nice. 
I decided to call it a night after that training, though.  We'll see how the team fares against the next trainer that we encounter. 

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