Sunday, August 10, 2014

Y-Locke's Log: Day 4

I was once again gifted with a Vivillon today.  I wonder if this will be the start of a pattern.... 
I set out to explore the route to the northwest of Santalune a bit, just to see what was out there, but a woman introducing herself as the sister of the local gym leader suggested that I head back to the gym, instead.  Before I went, though, I decided to give Route 22 another go, to train up my team. 
The wild pokémon weren't too much trouble, though a wild Litleo used Leer a lot, & I think that I saved Sly by switching to Mousea just before it pounced.  Actually, Mousea knows some Water-type moves, which I should keep in mind when facing Fire types. 
After a rest, I decided to tackle the Santalune City Gym. 
When I went in, a man helpfully informed me that everyone in the gym uses Bug-type pokémon.  Considering that I have three Fire-types and a Flying-type in my party, I wasn't expecting the gym to be much trouble at all.  The youngster with the Ledyba wasn't any problem, but Lass Charlotte managed to poison two of my pokémon before I took her down.  After defeating one last youngster with a Spewpa, I went back to the pokémon center to rest up before facing the gym leader herself. 
Since Viola is a gym leader, I figured that I should put my best foot forward, so I led with Sly.  However, she led with Surskit, so I immediately switched to Orion, who wouldn't be weak to Water.  Even so, her Surskit was strong, and two Bubble attacks had me scared for Orion.  Against her Vivillon, I sent out Torchic.  I started with Focus Energy, to make critical hits more likely while Torchic was out, but Vivillon used Infestation, which was basically like poisoning Torchic!  Thankfully, Speed Boost made sure that Torchic's second Ember attack went first - I was quite worried about what Vivillon would use after a double Infestation if it wasn't knocked out! 
After giving me my badge, Viola also gave me a TM for Infestation, and explained that it was worse than I feared:  I couldn't have switched out Torchic, even if I'd wanted to do so. 
As I left, the fellow from before suggested that I show my badge to Professor Sycamore up in Lumiose City.  However, I decided that, given the rough battles today, I should call it a night after resting in the pokémon center. 

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